Company profile

  • Company: Relia Vietnam Joint Stock Company
  • Ha Noi Head Office: 10F Detech Tower Ⅱ, 107 Nguyen Phong Sac Str., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Ho Chi Minh Branch: 222-226 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward12, Tan Binh Dist, HCMC , Vietnam
  • Establish: November 2009
  • Capital: 500 million VND
  • Shareholders: Relia Inc(100%)
  • Representative: Mr. Kuninao Sagawa - General Director (From April 2021)
  • Company size: Staff 700 (2 Japanese experts)
  • ISO: Both Hanoi and HCMC acquired ISO/IEC27001:2013


Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

Sharing inspiration and excitement with more people and corporations. We contribute further development of the society and lead to the employees’ and their families’ happiness through the growth of our company.

The 4 Promises

  • 1. We promise to value our customers and will continually commit to do so in order to maintain our customers’ trusts.
  • 2. We promise to value harmony and aim to have a Corporate Culture that is free and open-minded.
  • 3. We promise to aim to continually challenge ourselves and be creative.
  • 4. We promise to value courtesy & civility and will strive to train ourselves in self-management and basic behaviors.

The 3 Policies

Customer first Principles

Customer’s satisfaction is our top priority.
Relia, thoroughly confirming client company’s demands and priorities, adopts tailor made service with complete customization. Relia’s proposal is no armchair, but practical.

Service quality-heavily important and weighed

Relia values service quality. To maintain high standards, we focus on optimum recruitment, efficient training program and operational flow construction, also to maximize satisfaction of our staff. Accordingly, Relia stands having the highest retention rate of operation staff in the market.
Relia’s service quality with Quality & Training division; specialized in training and service quality management, along with CQO (Chief Quality Officer), enables Head Quarter function to commit to the quality, not leaving operation only to the supervisors inside.

Commitment to Information Management

Relia is devoted to ensure information management.
Our management establishes a structure committed to information security, as the appointment of CPO (Chief Privacy Officer) under the direct control of the President, first-ever in the industry, in order to protect the information assets of our client companies. Furthermore, SMG (Security Management Group) is setup under the CPO, implementing PDCA cycle as an exclusive division for information management. Relia approaches the enhancement of information management system on a company-wide level, along with ensuring compliance to all applicable laws and internal regulations.

Our Information Management Promises

  • 1.We strive to keep our work areas well-organized and our work environment clean at all times in order to manage our information.
  • 2.We are well aware of the seriousness in the crime in leaking information.
  • 3.We promise to strive in preserving information and not to permit illegal activities.

Group vision

Reliable Ring

Relia, supporting collaboration to create values
With a variety of relationships with our customers based on reliance, we promise to share the harboring excitement and the future with customers, and to create happy feeling.

We will continue to strengthen the Reliable Ring that connects people and society to corporations and organizations based on our key strategies: “satisfy various customer needs,” “grow with society” and “challenge new possibilities.”

Origins of the company name and logo

Relia, Inc., the Company's name, refers to expanding the Reliable Ring; in other words, to expand, support and entrench the potential of people and society by connecting our customers, employees, colleagues and clients through our Reliable Ring.
The connection of the two arcs represents an open ring that takes up the challenge to create new values and continues to build on the potential of people and society. The logo symbolizes the promise (the Reliable Ring) that exists between the Relia Group and our customers and other stakeholders, while the “R” expresses the dynamic corporate attitude of the Relia Group and our challengeable corporate attitude.