We are delighted to accompany Relia-ers on this amazing journey. Not only is this a chance to escape the routine of the office, but also an opportunity to get to know your coworkers on a more personal level. Let’s look back at fun activities and memorable moments of the Relia Vietnam’s Company Trip 2023 in the article below!

A Memorable Journey of Relia Vietnam

After a busy working period, running KPIs non-stop, the staff at Relia Vietnam must have had quiet and tired features. It’s time for Relia-ers to take a break from work. Relaxing together on the recent Company Trip at Mui Ne beach, Binh Thuan province.

Company Trip

Relia Vietnam Company Trip 2023 – 10th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh branch


What to Expect from the Trip? A whole lot of fun, that’s what! With the perfect combination of relaxation, entertainment, and team building. This trip was a success. We had an incredible time at the beach. The sun, the sand, and the water did not disappoint. We created memories that will last a lifetime and forged stronger bonds with our colleagues. Making us a stronger team at work.

Relia Vietnam Company Trip 2023

To foster relationships, trust and cooperation in the workplace. Company Trip is a great way to keep employees motivated and engaged.

Team Building

Company trips can be an excellent way to strengthen relationships among team members.

Company Trip

Relia Vietnam at Mui Ne beach


When out of the office, we have an opportunity to connect with our colleagues on a personal level. It allows individuals from different departments to interact with each other and break down barriers. It can often lead to more effective communication and understanding of each other’s roles in the company.

Some pictures of Team Building activities at the beach:

Through these experiences, the staff of Relia Vietnam can develop trust with one another. This not only builds stronger relationships for work, but also helps create a more positive work environment.

Employee Morale

Through Company Trip 2023, Relia Vietnam’s staff has escaped from the daily routine. And a chance to bond with our colleagues outside of the office. This has a significant impact on our morale. Boosting morale means boosting productivity in the workplace. And that’s exactly what this trip does.

Company Trip

Company Trip promotes employee morale


Taking a break from work while enjoying the company of colleagues is an effective way to recharge energy. And come back to work with renewed energy.


As we all know, the biggest takeaway from a company trip is the bonding experience with our colleagues. During the trip, Relia Vietnam members had the opportunity to get to know their colleagues outside the usual working environment.

Company Trip

Cultural activities at Gala Dinner


Relia Vietnam had a wonderful Gala Dinner with colorful fashion and art performances.The recent Company Trip helps Relia-ers strengthen the bond with their colleagues, which could be essential in the long run.

Company Trip

The stage is brilliant with the costumes “made by Relia-ers”

Company Trip

Team won first prize in Gala Dinner

Professional Development

While on the trip, Relia Vietnam members can observe and learn from each other’s work styles. Identify their strengths and weaknesses, and exchange ideas. Working together in a new environment encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones. And tackle tasks in new ways.

Company Trip

Awarded “Best Staff In The First 6 Months Of 2023”


Additionally, engaging in team-building activities can enhance leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. While also promoting personal growth. The Company Trip of the Relia Vietnam can help Relia-ers develop professionally and bring newfound skills back to the workplace.

Some pictures of awarding awards to individuals with excellent performance at work:


The memories we create with our colleagues will be the most valuable takeaway from the company beach trip. We experienced new things together, bonded with coworkers, and built strong relationships.

Company Trip

Sincere thanks from Relia Vietnam


Relia Vietnam sincerely thanks Relia-ers for spending time and accompanying us on this journey, and in the future!

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